Under Ballast Mats

Altraix UBM complies with several standards like DIN 45673-5 and with the next EN 17-282.

The test validation are made in the most famous independent Railway Laboratories like SNCF Rail Laboratory, Technical University of Munich, etc…

Under Ballast Mats portfolio :

  • PURASYS® ( made in Polyurethane)
  • DAMTEC® (made in Recycled Rubber)

Altraix UBM secure your tracks, our main outstanding properties :

  • Environment-friendly
  • Reduction of structure air-borne sound as well as secondary air-borne sound
  • Maintain the track design during a longer period
  • Low water absorption
  • Extension of the ballast life
  • Reduction of LCC
  • Protect adjacent structures from vibrations
  • Easy installation
Altraix – DAMTEC Under Ballast Mats